Saturday, July 4, 2009

Second Thoughts

I'm finding myself going back to Friday Night Magic last night and finding all kinds of parallels in my own life. Maybe it's the lack of serotonin, but I keep coming back to self-deprecating patterns.

FNM: Betraying my intended strategy of drafting white-green-and/or-blue.
My Life: Identifying a direction in life I want to go in .. some philosophy, some action plan .. and ultimately going in the opposite direction.

FNM: Becoming distracted by the allure of playing potentially more powerful cards.
My Life: Becoming distracted by the allure of instant gratification.

FNM: Adopting the same strategy as everybody else, despite intentions to go my own way.
My Life: Conformity to the path of least resistance, despite intentions to change my ways for the better.

FNM: Ended up with a second-rate deck composed of everyone else's leftovers.
My Life: Living a second-rate life, settling for whatever leftover scraps society can spare me.

FNM: Extending my winless streak.
My Life: Extending my feelings of mediocrity, loneliness, and sadness about myself and dissatisfaction with my life in general.


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