Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Night Magic - 7/3/09

Oy vey. Well, the good news is, I extended my perfect winless record at Friday Night Magic to 11 matches with 11 losses (one time I got a bye, but I don't count that one). The other good news is, I still had fun, though I was hoping to do a little better this time.

Well, I think I actually did a "little" better. I won two games, which isn't too bad. I should have won at least one more (and the match), but I drew a bad hand and I didn't mulligan. I only drew one land, (Savage Lands) and I hoped I would soon draw more ... but I didn't, and it cost me the game & match. Doh!

I did get to pick up some decent stuff in the rare draft, like Maelstrom Archangel, who will go well in a 5-color deck I'm planning on building at some point. So that's neat.

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